Our goal is to assist the Client while developing his project of internationalization, defining and creating real conditions for its concretization. The maximum of the results is guaranteed with the structured process, united with assistance and consultancy, and it’s realized by:

  • Individuation of necessities and developments goals of the company;
  • Qualitative support in finding personal solutions in syntony with the goals of Client’s management;
  • Individuation of the best national and international experts;
  • Predisposition of strategic and operational working plan;
  • Monitoring of the activity of the project and feed-back of achieved results;
  • Constant attention to the parameters of quality/price/goals.

Organizational structure and main references of Informest Consulting S.r.l.:

  • General Manager: Silvia Acerbi
  • Responsible: Michele Feletig
  • Projects Manager: Olivera Crljen
  • Development Manager: Giuliano Russo